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The Hatch Winery — Kelowna, BC

When a winery bursts on the scene with so much fanfare we are skeptical...really skeptical. The Hatch birthed itself into the world with super cool labels, Pamela Anderson, and other glitzy showmanship that led us to believe that the wine would be shit. Well, we were wrong — it's not.

The Hatch Winery resembles a turn of the century blacksmith shop meets western saloon (imagine Burnaby Village Museum, but with alcohol). The walls are planked together, and the building resembles an old stable. The birds nest theme runs throughout, and generally everything about the place is super f*ing clever. 

What was setting itself up to be overhyped wine with cool labels (this has become a thing in BC, believe it or not), actually tasted beyond expectations. Both Cabs were fantastic. The Chardonnay was interesting, yet approachable, and the Black Swift Vineyards Syrah was one of the best we've tried in the Okanagan. 

We don't care that Wine Align rated it one of the top wineries in BC, this place is creative, fun, and filled with great wine. The experience matched what was in the bottle, and that in itself is worth something these days. Let's just say we like it. We like it a lot.