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The Falls Music Lounge — Nelson, BC

First of all, Nelson was such a welcome surprise all around. The mix of great spots to eat, the great outdoors, and great culture made for a nice weekend getaway with plenty of options. 

Secondly, The Falls Music Lounge really anchored the trip. Built by the owners of the wildly successful EDM festival Shambhala, this old hotel turned complex of awesome eats and entertainment became home to a restaurant with the right mix of ambience and modern culinary flair. Everything from the cocktails to the truffle mac and cheese was the right tool for the job.

We were lucky enough to show up for week one of what I think will be a successful eating and social space. 

There is something particularly special about the town of Nelson, British Columbia. Creativity oozes out of every brick wall, every ceiling tile, and every crack in the floorboards of this town. It is a visual place, a creative place, and a place where music is revered. 

The Falls Music Lounge is the restaurant in the hotel that the overwhelmingly successful electronic music festival Shambhala built. Located in The newly renovated Savoy Hotel on Baker Street, this is a warm and classy space adorned with warm wood tones and Bose speakers dangling throughout the room. 

It's a classy space for someone to jam out on an acoustic guitar in the corner, while you eat classy food (I would suggest the Truffle Mac & Cheese), and drink cheekily named cocktails like the breakfast cereal derived Saturday Morning Cartoons. And if you're not feeling as classy afterword, and just want to get your groove on, there is a state of the art nightclub complete with crazy LED projection on the ceiling, and a living wall just to serve as a reminder that you're in the Kootenays. 

All pontificating aside, this is a good place to eat, that delivers creative and approachable food, in the typically hospitable Nelson way. Check it out.

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