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Little Engine Winery — Naramata, BC

Based around a crazy dream, Little Engine Winery strives to trump the critics and naysayers to be the little winery that could. Situated on Deadman's Curve just after La Frenz, and immediately before Red Rooster Winery and Ruby Blues, they certainly chose a high exposure location. 

In the short time they have been in business Little Engine has created buzz on the Naramata Bench as a must-see stop. Time will tell if the wine stacks up to the hype, but on first visit we like what we see. They have done a great job with the initial tasting room that eschews the modern, and opts for a more rustic feel. Plans are in the work for a future addition that will take advantage of the view with windows out to Lake Okanagan.

Notable wines include their single varietal Merlot.

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