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Le Majestique Montreal

I've got a thing for old diners. The Bunn-o-matic coffee makers, long metal edged countertops, crappy parquet flooring, and buzzing neon signs all have a warmth about them — a middle of nowhere road trip adventure kind of warmth. 

With that said, I also like it when an old diner puts on a dinner jacket and cleans up a little. Such is the case at Le Majestique. When the weary road warrior sets foot in this unassuming retro diner on Boulevard St. Laurent, there too is a warmth. The staff here is excellent, the food fantastic, and the vibe, well, warm. 

I enjoyed a variety of seafood fare and some beer and wine recommendations from the resident oyster shucker behind the bar while unearthing the history of the space in which I was sitting. If it once was a hot dog factory or a deli, you would never know now. This is a new favourite for me in my travels in Montreal's Plateau neighbourhood.

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