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Kohi Coffee — Best Coffee in Cape Cod


There's nowhere to sit, spare a couple of stools with a spectacular view, but even if you have to walk around with it — the coffee here rules all of Cape Cod, let alone Provincetown. 

In contrast to the rest of Cape Cod, Provincetown is on the leading edge of coffee trends. Lighter roasts, available via pour-over prepared method, are more aromatic, and evoke subtle flavours reminiscent of fine wines. 

While pour-over coffee has taken hold in many cities, in this land of Dunkin' Donuts driven fare, it does seem few and far between. Also, where pour-over once was the mark of a serious cafe, this no longer holds true as even the non-serious cafes have taken to the trend. I ordered a pour-over in a west coast coffee shop, and when it was ready in 35 seconds I knew it would be bad. Pour over may be a victim of its own success, but not here. The coffee is spot on, and you can walk over to Connie's Bakery for some of the best baking in Provincetown. 

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