Crillon Le Brave

Situated atop a hill above the town of Bédoin in Provence, Crillon Le Brave is luxury epitomized — the kind of place you will never want to leave.

A beautiful bar looks out over the valley and onto Mont Ventoux in the distance. Windows in the rooms offer expansive views of the countryside here in Provence. 

This is a luxury escape like no other bordering on the Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine region and perched on a hill in the shadow of the legendary Mont Ventoux (one of the Tour de France's most legendary climbs). Food here is spectacular and the people proud. 

The property itself is much like wandering around a medieval fortress with the charm of a Provençal 5 star resort. C'est magnifique.

Chris Stenberg is a Canadian researcher, filmmaker and photographer specializing in the expression of cultural understanding through film and photography. He is the founder of VideoResearch, a documentary research and production agency; and The Photo Lesson, a place to learn photography online.