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Gold Medal Plates Kelowna - Canadian Culinary Championships

In a brilliant stroke of culinary, musical, and athletic genius, Gold Medal Plates has created a "who's who" shoulder rubbing event in which the best of Canadian musical, culinary, and athletic culture comes together under one roof. 

Gold Medal Plates is an event that takes place throughout the fall and winter across Canada, with each host city putting forth its winner to compete in the grand finalé Canadian Culinary Championships, which for a period of five years occurs in Kelowna before moving elsewhere in the country. 

The evenings, much like at the other competitions, consists of first rate chefs competing in a themed competition. At the CCC it is a 3 part event including a mystery wine pairing, a black box secret ingredient event, and the signature dish competition. On top of that you have the musical component of the evening that consist of some of Canada's best musicians jamming on stage. 

All of the excitement and madness is a fundraiser for the Canadian Olympic team. Both tickets and auction sales go toward the fundraiser, and there is the opportunity to bid on some pretty extravagant trips — something that if you can afford is well worth the experience.